Pest Information

Pest Information from Pink Mantis

We offer other programs that control or eliminate scorpions, flies, German roaches, bees and wasps, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, ticks, fleas, ants and anything else in the insect world that is a pest on your property. All of these are essential to our eco-system but when they invade your space or threaten your health we at Pink Mantis Eco Pest Control are ready to assist.

Night Scorpion Hunting

Pink Mantis offers night scorpion hunting. This is not only a chemical free way to make those pesky scorpions go away, but this form of pest control also can pinpoint where the infestation is most prevalent.

We can set up a night appointment to scorpion hunt and capture the scoropions or we can go out monthly during the summer. Since scorpions are nocturnal feeders we start at 10:30 p.m. and end at midnight.


Yes, we wear bee suits to get rid of your bees! If it has been determined that they are a nuisance,the bees can be taken alive because of the danger to your home. If, however, there is a chance to take the colony alive we can provide that service as well.

Bee Hive in Meter Box

Bee Hive in Meter Box

We will talk to you about swarms when you call us. Bees form into a large ball or grouping on a tree, vehicles, or your home. The bees are looking for a new home and they need to rest. The queen bee is in the center of the swarm cooling off from the action of the bees and scouts are out gathering food and water as well as searching for the ideal location. The bees may stay as a swarm a few hours to a few days. Exterminating them is easier while they are in a swarm, but we do encourage our customers to wait it out at least two days to save the bees and to save them money too. If they do not go away, we are ready to come out. We understand that the bees are essential to the environment but when they present a danger Pink Mantis is ready to assist.

If a bee colony takes residence in a wall in your home, the chances of getting a colony out is minimal but there is another problem you may have to contend with…the honey. Once the bees have either died or been removed, the honey melts off and onto the inside structure of your home. This mess can cause staining or attract other insects such as ants or cockroaches. We can help with this mess task as well, Call Us! 602.944.6129.

German Roach Cleanout

German roach issues are often found in apartment or rentals. We are experts at cleaning out this form of infestation using baits, growth regulators, along with various types of chemicals and vacuuming. It takes a professional to think like an insect when attacking this issue. It takes more than one service to illuminate this issue but in the end, we accomplish the goal of German roach elimination so the property is ready for the next tenant.

Bed Bugs

For the constant traveler, we offer a bed bug inspection program. We have a monthly bed bug inspection which monitors with treatment in the recommended areas. There is no worry about moving items for this service, however, we do include bed bug mattress and box spring covers on beds for the initial service.

We also have a program for the customer who takes the occasional trip. We offer our bed bug inspection and monitor with treatment for two months after your trip. Sleep better knowing that when you come home, there will not be any nasty bed bugs waiting for you. Bed bug mattress covers are not included.

Fly Control Maintenance Program

Although we can’t totally eliminate flies from your property we do have a service to help reduce the number inside and outside. Call if you want a fly control program at your home.


If a colony of wasps set up housekeeping on the patio, ceiling or in a bush, we are ready to remove that comb nest and give you peace of mind.