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Moth Problems

What to Do When You Have a Moth Problem Many people have dealt with the nuisances that are known as moths. Moths are a pain to deal with, and tend to be destructive creatures. However, there are steps you can take when you discover a moth problem. Here what to do in order to reclaim…

Get Rid of Pests in the Pantry

How to Determine if You Have Pests In your Home.

One of the most common type of home pests is the The Indian Meal Moth.  It is commonly found in the pantrys and floors of your home. They can grow up to 2/3 of an inch long.  The wings are approximately 3/8 inch long.


Pantry pests can come in dry dog food, dried birdseed, dried herbs and nuts, and more.  look under cabinets.  If you think they may be in food, look for webbing strands and larvae..  Food will look clumped.  The moths usually don’t eat and only survive about a week. However, a female can deposit 200 eggs in the crack and nooks of your home.


Where to Store Food To Keep Out Pests

Food must be stored in tight plastic containers, but do NOT use baggies or cardboard boxes.  Organic foods tend to attract them, so try not to buy these types of foods in bulk. If you do buy in bulk, consider where and how the food is stored.  Discarded any old foods.

The Large Black Ugly Flying Beetle Has Arrived in Litchfield Park, Arizona!

Flying Beetle in Litchfield Park and Godyear Arizonao

The Large Black Ugly Flying Beetle Has Arrived! Be on the lookout folks.  Summer is here and the monsoon season (rain, thunder, wind, lightning and dust for Southern Arizona desert dwellers) season has started here in Phoenix, Arizona. which means wind, rain and dust. For many insects and arthropods in the Sonoran desert it means water for…

Hiring Eco-Friendly Pest Control Experts for Humane Pest Extermination


Hiring Eco-Friendly Pest Control Experts for Humane Pest Extermination Many homeowners these days prefer hiring more humane pest exterminators who are willing to use eco friendly pest control solutions instead of cruel eradication methods. The days, people no longer stand for cruelty against animals even when they are considered as pests. With people having seen…