Green Solution

Green or Organic Pest Products

Total Green Service


This is our out specialty at Pink Mantis. Due to customer demand, we added this extensive “Total Green Service”. We have clients who want a low-risk form of pest control.

Safe application and products that are green or organic are necessary for our environment as well as our client and loved ones. We have a pure organic program in which we apply the organic chemicals. We also advise you how you can help keep the pests out of your home, such as: sealing a door or window, caulking a hole, cleaning up organic matter that attracts and protects insects. We can do set up an inspection appointment for this service with our trusted team of experts. This type of pest control is best when both Pink Mantis Eco Pest Control and the client work together.

Inspection for Eco Pest Control

eco-nature_10057667-031814Inspection of the property is required. This service requires a 50% deposit before we start. We normally do this on a Saturday when the customer is home and can be informed as to what we are doing and why. Customer cooperation is a major factor to make this form of integrated pest management work. It takes several hours and if the property is large it could take two days.

Integrated Pest Management

Green pest control is not just about the type of chemicals used but it is about educating our customers. We do a thorough inspection of your home to determine why you are having “buggy” issues. We give you “green solutions” to help manage the problems. The solution may be something as simple as caulking a hole to seal up gaps or repair doors, windows or screens. We point out leaks in your water system and areas that may harbor insects that simply need to be cleaned up. Knowledge of the life cycle of various insects and arthropods and their preferred environment is necessary and our experience and continuing education in our craft makes us a good fit for those who want alternative pest control along with the traditional chemical control.