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Lisa Alfaro-Pink Mantis Eco Pest ControlAbout Pink Mantis Pest Control

We have been in the pest control business since 2007. Prior to entering into this great profession, one of us had a corporate job and the had other a teaching job at the public school system. We are two women who went through a restructuring in life after the economy started a downward spiral and we had to reinvent ourselves. The one thing that we regret is that we did not start this profession several years sooner.

Hiring the Best Pest Control Professional

In past generations, the pest control professional was thought of as the “bug man”, “sprayers”, “pesticide applicators” or “exterminators”. Today, the pest control professional is much more than that. A properly-trained pest management professional possesses a high level of knowledge required to solve your pest problems. There is now the concept of IPM with emphasis on identification, inspection and selection of the best methods in each situation. No longer is it routine to spray baseboards or speed spray. Most consumers say they would rather pay more for pest management using less pesticide or no pesticide at all. After all, anyone can spray baseboards, including homeowners, but few people have the expertise to control every type of pest in every situation.

A low-priced company may not be charging you enough to cover the cost of using the best materials. They also might not be spending enough time to get the job done. In contrast, a company quoting a high price may be overcharging for their services. At Pink Mantis Eco Pest Control we take more time initially and educate our clients at a reasonable price. Sometimes, one cost does not eliminate all. Situations like ticks, German cockroaches or bed bugs are a separate price and service.

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