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In addition to taking care of your general pest control needs, we at Pink Mantis Pest Control are also licensed and qualified to address your  Bee and Bird concerns. We do not provide Termite treatments, but most of our service technicians are licensed and understand the habits and biology and control as well as the signs of termite activity. We do work with a few companies that can provide that service. Give Pink Mantis Pest Control a call if you have any questions or to set up an appointment for pest control service in Goodyear, Litchfield Park, Avondale, Buckeye, Glendale, Peoria and Phoenix, Arizona. We would love to take care of your pest control needs.

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Have used multiple pest control services as well as doing it myself throughout the years and through a recommendation decided to try out Lisa Pest Control from a friend. Decided on the month to month cycle several months ago (no contract and no pushy sales). Lisa came out and was awesome in explaining what chemicals he was using and what to expect after the initial treatment and follow-up treatment (used to break the breeding cycle). I haven’t seen much activity outside since I’ve started using Lisa (similar to when I did it myself) and we I see and uptick in activity outside the in between services are no charge (awesome!). Lisa even took down cobwebs and webs we have sometimes and is very punctual. Will continue using Lisa Pest Control as they’re awesome and Lisais fantastic.

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Awesome service from start to finish. We selected the ‘complete two part pest service’ to help ease our minds with the few roaches/earwigs that we found in the house along with scorpions outside our house. The first appointment, the tech was on time, professional, considerate and answered every question that we had. He was very thorough with spraying inside and outside our home, reached every crick and cranny. When he was done he explained what he found and what to expect, well done. The follow up spray two weeks later was just as thorough. Different Tech but just has good, on time and very considerate (I work from home and was in a meeting). Thank you so much!

Great company and well priced for the quality of work. I had the 2 phase initial treatment done for scorpions and am now doing a bimonthly sprays. Their communication is excellent. I haven’t seen any scorpions in the house nor outside since I used Bryan Pest Control.

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Bee hives or swarms that make their home under eves, or on structures, are there to stay. Call a Lisa Pest Control professional. We have a excellent record in bee control, done right the first time!

When you call our pest control experts, whether in Goodyear, Phoenix, or anywhere in between, our trained pest control professionals (who have earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau) will fully diagnose your home structure, determine the source of the problem, and eliminate the unwanted intruders.

Happy customer for over 8 years now.  I have used Lisa for my previous home in Goodyear and now in Litchfield Park.  I recommend them to everyone who needs pest control.  They are always quick, friendly and awesome.    We occasionally find a roach or a scorpion and I know it’s time to call.  I love the no contract/no pressure policy they have as well.  Thanks!

Lisa has been fantastic. They have all but eliminated our scorpion problem, our and and cricket problems, and today was the best of all! We found a termite trail (we had gotten treatment a couple of years ago), and they fully inspected outside, spot treated, and didn’t charge us extra! Can’t say enough good things. Thanks, Lisa!

As a homeowner, scorpions, termites, bed bugs, and many other pests are more than simply a nuisance; they are dangerous and can wreak havoc on your home. You do what you can to keep the pests out, but somehow they always find their way into your home.

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Whether you seek on going pest control services or just have unwanted house guests that need to be removed, we are the team to call.  We believe in unmatched, personal service. And we truly stand by that. We treat your home and environment like it’s our own.

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Our store managers are all Certified Applicators and can help you make the right purchase to get rid of all the pests and weeds around your home. We’ve been giving professional bug and weed elimination advice to Phoenix area residents for more than 35 years. Let us see how we can help you.

Lisa’s pest control was referred to me by a friend and we’ve been using them for about 3 months now.  Lisa has been nothing short of amazing. He’s explained where the bugs hide and what areas of the house we need to seal up. Since using their service, we have seen less bugs and are almost to the point where we are at 0. Overall, I’m very pleased with the service that we have received. If you do end up using them, ask for Lisa.

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Love Lisa!  No contract and no pressure.  They came out after we saw our first scorpion in our house since we moved in 3 years ago.  Price was reasonable, they arrived on time, and were very thorough.  I was impressed by the guy and there was no odor which was a concern for me.  We use them at my office every month and I would never use anyone else!

Scorpions are always a problem, whether you live in town or in one of Goodyear’s more rural areas. We have granules that are used to eliminate these pesky critters and the products we carry are professional grade, yet safe around pets and children, usually odorless, and non-staining, too.

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Lisa is the man!!! Lisa sprayed our house and backyard where he found 9 scorpions! He promised the next time he came back there would be one or less. He sprayed again today and not a single scorpion!!!! I can now sleep without worrying about those demon creatures. Thank so much Lisa!

Every pest control situation is different and requires a unique solution. Our technicians will make sure that every problem is addressed the right way. They will provide the follow-up you need to ensure the pests are gone and stay gone. You can have the peace of mind you need.

We have been using Lisa’s for a little over a year now. First day we moved in our newly built home they have been servicing it inside and out. We also do the weeds with them as well. The past few times they have come out; the quality of service has been sorry. We use to get 1 tech that was amazing, gets all the webs and all off the house and all. No tech after him has done that. We get a spray at the webs and that’s all. Got my weed treatment at the end of December (guaranteed 6 months) and had them come out to do the treatment again beginning may because the weeds were out of control. Contacted the office to tell them of the issue and was told that the owner will call me back to speak to me about it. 10 May same day of service I called 3 weeks now and no calls or refund on weed treatment. The reason I’m really upset is because the services from the techs has gotten worst and worst. Our pest service $49 a month and $75 for weeds ever 6 months and service isn’t up to par like when they first started. As of today I’m no longer going to be using the service found another company. I normally don’t do reviews but before I stop using service with the company I always leave a review, OR if service was just so outstanding. *** Owner Contacted us and said they would get us a refund

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These guys are awesome. Gave me a 3 hour window and he was here in the first almost as my time frame started. Being my day off it was awesome that I didn’t have to wait all day for him. Once here he went right to work spraying.. explained where and what he was doing and got it done. I asked about if neighbors poor house keeping could be root of it since standing out side as he sprayed patio I could see a cockroach in neighbors rocks. Ran a quick errand and came back to be met at door by a DEAD COCKROACH…  very happy knowing he actually sprayed!

Pigeons are becoming an increasingly common problem in the area. They can noisy, destructive and are host to a myriad of other pests like mites and ticks. These are not the types of pests you want your family to be exposed to. Rodents love to nest indoors and can quickly destroy food, bedding, linens, clothing, insulation, wiring and cause a lot of monetary misery. Both of these pests can be safely trapped and removed from your property.

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I called Lisa Pest Control out because we were seeing bees flying out of the top of our chimney, and hanging around our yard. We have 7 dogs so we were a bit panicked and needed them taken care of right away. Within minutes we got a call back from the owner, and a very knowledgeable tech was out within a couple hours. Haven’t seen a bee since! Couldn’t be happier. Stephanie, Ray and Rich were all fantastic through the whole process. Thank you so much!!! 😉

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Contact Pink Mantis Pest Services today to affordably tackle the pest problems you are experiencing. It is safe, effective and uses products that rid your area of pests, while protecting the environment.

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We provide the knowledge and expertise to use the best pest control products to their fullest advantage. The fact is, pest control is not about which material to choose, it’s about a trained and licensed technician knowing the habits and biology of the pest in question, and then choosing the most effective technique and material to do the job. All of our technician’s have been through a background check and licensed through the State of Arizona.

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Goodyear is well known for its small town atmosphere, though we have a substantial farming community, too. Because of all the agriculture in and around the area, weeds and pests of all kinds are always a concern. Let us help you figure out which pests you have, how to get rid of them, and how to prevent them from bugging you again. We also have a variety of pre- and post-emergent granules to control weeds from taking over your yard.

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